Blackjack online at New Zealand online casinos

The first written reference to the card game was in a book by Miguel Cervantes, author of Don Quixote. In one of his stories, written between 1601 and 1602, he described the characters as a bunch of thugs who could count cards in a game of Veintiuna - 21 points. You can play your favorite games at the New Zealand online casinos play for Real Money. In the book, they were told that you need to have an ace and a ten to defeat your opponents. And if the sum of the points exceeds 21, it counts as a loss.

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Today, many people play blackjack for money ("21", a point). Gamblers like the chance to influence the outcome. After all, you use the skill not only to count cards, but also to bluff by confusing your opponent. In New Zealand, the game " 21 " is offered both by real casinos and by electronic casinos.

The virtual version of the card game is no less popular. Users love the opportunity to hone their blackjack online. No need to leave your home and no need to plan ahead - use your tablet, smartphone or computer, connect to the internet and enjoy.

The Nancys team has made a detailed discussion of the card game for you. Our experts have covered the rules, popular strategies and the best online blackjack casinos. We have collected maximum useful information for those who want to understand the principle of the game and win real money.

Ranking of reliable New Zealand online blackjack casinos

It is easy to find a large number of gambling sites on the internet that offer Blackjack. Making a choice in favor of a reliable casino is quite difficult. To understand which portal you can really trust, you need to research a lot of information about the operator and brand before playing blackjack. Gambling is allowed in New Zealand, but the club must obtain a KSA license to operate legally.

The Nancys team has compiled a ranking of web casinos licensed for New Zealand players in 2021. All betting platforms are verified and offer favorable conditions for betting. You can safely play online at 21. The game has simple rules, which is why it has been a favorite of the NL residents for so long.

Online blackjack for money and free in New Zealand

Free bets on the deck are becoming increasingly popular. Electronic casinos offer this format to explore the offer. It was first offered in Las Vegas in 2012. The Free Bet option appealed to card players so much that blackjack demos soon appeared in all virtual casinos.

What it's good for:

  • A risk-free gaming experience for the wallet;
  • Ability to learn the rules without verification and registration on the club's website;
  • Testing different dumping strategies.

However, playing blackjack online without registration is constantly uninteresting. Having gained practical experience, users start playing for dollars.

Having played a little free online blackjack, visitors to gambling sites begin to bet in rubles or NZD. The paid format will provide an opportunity to transfer the won money to a personal account or e-wallet. The process is exciting, but there is more vezodiacality, because there are no virtual funnies at stake. You analyze your actions more thoroughly when you play for real money, so the experience you gain is more valuable.

The Basic Rules of blackjack online in New Zealand

In a card game, you play against the dealer (the bank). You have to get 21 points to win. If you get more than that, the money goes to the online casino. Let's talk about the rules of blackjack in more detail.


  1. Bet. With that, every game of chance begins. In the normal casino machines, the values for the maximum and minimum bets are fixed. You can choose any amount in the proposed range. In the live casino, the choice of bets is limited in time.
  2. The dealer's Cards are dealt. Play 21 online for money at the same table can be several people at once. But everyone plays against the bank, not against each other. The dealer deals 2 cards to himself and a visitor to the safe casino.
  3. Decision of the player. He either draws a 3rd card or he cuts his 2 cards. The outcome of the deal is determined: if the visitor gets 21 points with two cards, he wins.
  4. Dealer's decision. If the dealer reaches 16 points after the first deal, he is obliged to draw a third card.
  5. End of the round. The system does the calculation automatically. If you get more than the dealer you get double the bet amount. Losing - the money goes to the club. Draw - the bet amount is returned.

Playing Blackjack (point) on dollars is fun. You can use different schemes and tactics to achieve an optimal result over a long distance. Making the right decision when drawing the third card can help you beat the dealer.

Card values and their meaning in classic blackjack New Zealand

In a classic version, 312 Cards are used - 6 decks of 52 pieces. The suits are not counted.

How blackjack online is counted in New Zealand:

  • Tween to nine are by denomination;
  • a ten and picture cards - 10 points;
  • Ace - 1 or 11 points (depending on the situation).

When calculating a combination with an ace, points are awarded so that the total number of points does not exceed 21. For example, if you have an ace and a five, they add up to 16 points together. But if you take another card, for example, an eight, then the ace counts ASN. In total, you get 1+5+8 = 14 points. If either option results in counting an ace as (1 or 11), the hand is called soft, otherwise (only n) is called hard.

Online blackjack options for New Zealand players

Legitimate online institutions in New Zealand offer a variety of gambling options. You can bet in mobile online clubs by installing the officile app on iOS or Android. Software manufacturers develop online blackjack for money with HTML5 technology.

Popular types of 21 offered by safe casinos in New Zealand:

  1. Vegas Strip. Bets range from 0.50 to 50. Provides insurance if the dealer's open card is an ace. Splitting a hand with the same card is also possible. Bonus bets: flush, straight, three, pair, straight flush.
  2. Atlantic City. The Dealer deals himself 2 cards at once and opens one of them. It is played with eight decks of 52 cards each. An ace and a ten on the Box after the split is not counted as a blackjack.
  3. dollar peso variant. The dealer only gets 1 open card in the deal. The players make a decision before the dealer gets a second card. If on the first deal the Dealer got a nine, ten or ace, then the player can double the bet.
  4. Multi-Hand. You can play BlackCaptain with a maximum of 5 hands. The number is determined by the user at the beginning of the game.
  5. Double Exposure. Both of the dealer's Cards are dealt face up first. If the result is the same, no bets will be returned. There is no assurance or surrender of one's hand.

We have described the main types of blackjack online in New Zealand, there are actually many more variations. You can start with or without a bonus. Place your bets using a downloadable casino client with good returns or the full version of the website.

Best online blackCaptain Game Developers 2021

Card games are developed by many software vendors for virtual clubs. They complement the machines with original options to make the game more pleasant for users.

Popular providers offering blackjack for rubles and other currencies:

  1. Microgaming. The leading provider offers several variants of the classics: Multi-Hand, Perfect Pairs 21+3, Hi-Lo Blackjack.
  2. Playtech. The provider has developed unusual variants of entertainment. For example, Buster Blackjack with an opportunity to bet on overkill: if the croupier collects more than 21, you will receive an additional payout.
  3. NetEnt. Provider offers RNG games and with a live dealer. Some models implement wagering bonuses before the cards are dealt.

You can find games from these sellers in many good casinos in New Zealand.

Online blackjack glossary: basic terms

Click here for a list of some of the most important terms. We have compiled a list of the basic terms used by card players. They will help you get up to speed faster and understand how to play blackjack.


  1. Bankroll - the budget that the player has to bet.
  2. Blackjack - a winning combination with a payout of 3 to 2 and at the same time the name of the card entertainment.
  3. Box - a place to bet, usually marked with a triangle.
  4. Bust (Break, Too many) - overkill (more than 21), automatically counts as a loss.
  5. Cash Chips - Tokens (coins), the club's game currency, where bets are accepted instead of cash.
  6. Deck - the standard deck of Cards.
  7. Double Down - doubling down after the first hand.
  8. Face Down Game - a game where the first card is dealt face up and the second card is dealt face up.
  9. Hard ace - an ace that only counts as 1 point.
  10. Hole Card - a closed card (face down).
  11. Insurance-insurance when the dealer gets an ace after the first deal.

Apply the terms correctly and start betting.

How to win at New Zealand blackjack for money: tips and strategies

We have compiled a list of common mistakes that most inexperienced players make. Knowing what not to do will make you play blackjack with more confidence.

Top player mistakes:

  1. Not learning the paytable and rules for your first bet. Each slot differs in betting range, payout amounts and bonus terms. For example, the promised winnings of 6 against 5 is not profitable, such online tables are best avoided.
  2. Use your intuition. It has no place in Maps! Use proven blackCaptain Captain Jacktrategien mathematically and sobriety.
  3. Start with big bets. Beginners are better off starting with a minimum deposit and practicing on the demo machines.
  4. Make a decision on the size of the bet, based on the results of the previous hand. Such a scheme is a failure in the long run and threatens a large loss of resources.
  5. Secure the bet. Such an option is a common trick. You just make an extra bet and waste money.
  6. Recklessly increase your bets. Increase the bet when it is calculated, not on instinct.

By following the tips, you will boost your skills faster without major losses.

The history of the origin of blackjack in New Zealand

There are several theories about the origin of the game. But there are mentions of similar games of the 17th and 18th centuries: baccarat in Italy, "1 and 30" in Spain, Vingt-et-un in France. Casino owners have always disliked counters-players who could count cards and thus gain an advantage over the establishment.

In New Zealand, interest in card games came later, but table games are now the second most popular pastime. Online blackjack is played by 31% of online casino visitors.

Conclusions about Blackjack in New Zealand

New Zealand players like to play blackjack. They are attracted by the high RTP of 98-99% and the ability to influence the course of events. Blackjack combinations often pay out well, especially if additional bonuses are offered.

You can try your hand at any of the no-fraud casinos in the Nancys ranking. All these gambling platforms have been studied by us. They offer money for registration, no deposit bonuses. These sites have no problems with withdrawing money.


How do I start playing blackjack online? ⭐️

Choose a safe casino from our list. Go to the site, register, make a deposit. ✔️ Choose an emulator from the club's collection. Wait for it to load and select your bet size. ⚡️

Is it safe to play blackjack online in New Zealand? ⭐️

Playing at legal online establishments licensed in New Zealand is completely safe. ᐈ your interests are protected by the regulator KSA, which oversees the clubs. Licensed Sites carry out financial transactions without any delay. ✅️

Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson-expert and author at Nancys Casino
Still, the monetary component adds a bit of excitement to the entertainment. The demo version may not give the same feeling, because picking up the big kush is not possible.