Video Poker in New Zealand

The history of poker goes back to the 15th century. Of course, it has undergone many changes, but the basics remain - players are dealt cards, and to win you need to compose a combination. The first rules were as simple as possible: each player had three cards. If a lucky player collected two of the same klNZD, he won.

Gradually, the rules changed, and each country added its own specifics. This Is How Texas Hold'em was born, which is still the most popular poker game today. The Internet quickly brought the game online and attracted users from all over the world.

While emotions used to play an important role, the player now does not know or see anyone behind the screen, reducing the chances of being captured by manipulation. In addition, you can play on several tables via the internet. This increases the chances of a winning combination.

Modern websites offer many opportunities for playing video poker. The customer has a choice. Proven online casinos in several countries, video poker online 2023 is adding to their game library.

Basic Rules for playing online video poker for free and for money

As in conventional poker, the player makes a bet, and then gets 5 cards in his hands. In the emulator, this is done automatically. Five random cards will appear on the screen. The task of the casino customer is to collect a winning combination. To do this, one or more cards must be taken from the provided "hand". After this, it is necessary to click on the "Deal" or Deal button. New cards are used to replace them. If a winning combination is formed, the internal gaming account is credited with the prize amount, the coefficient of which corresponds to the standard combinations in poker. We will tell you about it in detail below.

Video poker can be played for free in demo mode: bets are made not with real money, but with virtual currency. It is very convenient: guests can easily learn the game and rules, as well as evaluate the algorithms without risking their bankroll.

What are the popular video poker models?

Video poker online is gradually gaining popularity. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that video poker maintains a minimal advantage of the virtual casino over the player. It all depends on the combination of Cards. Due to the growing popularity, many variations have appeared, differing in the number of cards in the deck, layout, odds and other rules.

Variants of video poker in New Zealand online casinos:

  • "Captain Jack and above";
  • "Joker Poker";
  • "Aces and Pictures";
  • "Double Triple;
  • "Wild Sevens";
  • "Double Joker Poker.
  • "Wild Deuces";
  • "Ten and above".

Let's discuss the most popular variants in more detail. "Captain Jack and higher" - the name speaks for itself. Sometimes you can see the words "older" or "better" instead of "higher", but the essence is the same. The game uses a deck of 52 cards. Five were shared. The goal is to put together a combination. A few pawns and larger pawns up to and including a royal flush are considered winning. The payout odds are as follows:

  • a pair of pawns, queens, kings or ACES-x1;
  • two pair-x2;
  • three of a kind-x3;
  • straight (five cards in sequence) - x4;
  • one flash (five cards of the same klNZD) - x5-6;
  • full house (three cards of one rank and two of another) - x8-9;
  • four of a Kind (four cards of the same rank, for example, Four Queens) - x25;
  • a straight flash (five cards of the same klNZD in sequence) - x50;
  • royal flash (five cards from 10 to an ace) - x250.

This last combination is very rare and is the strongest, so the higher odds apply.

"Joker poker" differs from the previous variant in that one or more jokers are added to the game. They substitute a card for a winning combination (analogous to the Wild symbol in slots). Payouts start with a pair of Kings.

Video poker manufacturers in New Zealand

NetEnt can boast of 20 years of experience and cool projects. These include developing web casino software, helping the gambling industry, leveraging innovation and opening new online casinos. well-known games are online video poker Captain Jack or Better. The machine is based on the Captain Jack and Better strategy.

Play'n GO is an equally well-known developer with a long history that began in 1997. The provider produces several emulators, including poker. The highest RTP percentages are with these machines.

Pragmatic Play has released more than 100 games. Top casinos offer customers the opportunity to play video poker from Pragmatic Play. Numerous rewards, the demo mode and the ability to play on a smartphone have attracted the attention of a large number of users from different countries.

Video poker bonuses

Getting a bonus depends on the specific casino and the video poker slots. But you can be sure that you will get money for your first deposit and registration. An additional bonus can be building a bankroll through freerolls. It is important to remember that each bonus requires wagering.

Video poker on Android and iOS

Online poker is more familiar to users on the PC. Nevertheless, modern realities show that the world needs mobility. For example, at many casinos you can play on gadgets with Android and iOS operating systems. The interface may differ from the full version of video poker, but the options are the same.

Combinations in online video poker



Probability of failure

Two cards of the same value



Two pairs of cards of the same value

Two pairs


Three cards of equal value



Five cards in order



All cards are from the same klNZD.



Two cards from the same klNZD and three from another klNZD.

Full house


Four cards of the same klNZD



The hand contains cards of the same klNZD in order



Combination of 10 to ace

Royal Flash


Advantages and disadvantages of video poker

All games have advantages and disadvantages, video poker is no exception.



Simple rules

No live communication with other players

You do not need to memorize combinations, they are always in front of you.

No ability to use psychological chips while playing online poker

Quick giveaway (1-3 minutes)

Can get bonus from casino or seller

Ability to play anywhere on your phone

Play zodiac word

Poker, both online and live, is a very gambling game. If you think it is addictive, turn on the restrictions on the e-casino website. Gambling addiction it is strictly regulated in New Zealand. In many reliable online casinos, you can set a limit on the amount of deposits and bets, limit the time of visits, temporarily block or completely delete the account.

Conclusion and useful tips from the author

The good thing about online video poker is that you can play it at any time. Offline poker is more expensive: you need people who like gambling, time and a suitable location. Finding a physical establishment is not easy, and getting together at home is not the same atmosphere. The only conclusion is that it is better to play online poker.

It takes a lot of practice to become a real poker player. Learn the standard video poker rules, try them out and then move on to different variations. You might like Captain Jack and heights of Aces and Pictures. Both beginners and Advanced have a lot of fun.

Anyone who is of legal age can play video poker at online casinos in New Zealand. The main thing is to choose an official institution with a license and good payouts. The rating of honest casinos is listed above.


How do I play video poker? ⭐️

Place a bet, Draw 5 cards, hold a few and discard the rest. The second hand will tell you if you managed to make a winning combination. ✔️

How hard is it to learn to play video poker? ⭐️

If you do not know how to play ordinary poker, you can find out the rules in literally the first three hands. ⚡️ If you can, internet poker is an easier version of offline poker for you. Competing against Real People forces you to bluff, keep your wits about you, and if you have to, play on emotion. Online video poker is available for free and is characterized by its simplicity. ✅️

Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson-expert and author at Nancys Casino
On the sites there is a lot of information on how to prevent addiction. My main advice: do not treat poker as a way to make money. It's just entertainment, which should not take up all your time and empty your wallet.