Online casinos with a Curacao eGaming license

The Curaçao license is a popular licensee in the online gambling world. The regulatory approvals have been in force for 20 years. It is the first region where online gambling was legalized.

The name of the license is taken from the name of the island, which is located 80 km off the coast of Venezuela. The Curaçao Gambling Authority, the company's headquarters, is located here. The main source of income for the Treasury in 2023 is gambling, or rather the issuance of licenses for gambling services. By the way, the island belongs to the Kingdom of New Zealand.

The Curacao eGaming regulator license allows gambling services in all countries of the world except:

  • USA;
  • France;
  • Royal Vegas Casino;
  • Curacao.

The document is very popular for a number of reasons:

  • low taxes - only 2% of profits need to be paid to the Treasury;
  • fast issuance of documents.

To obtain a gambling license in Curacao, one has to pay up to 40 thousand dollars, which is an order of magnitude lower than other license holders. In addition, the owner of the company pays up to 5 thousand dollars a month for 2 years. The document gives the right to acquire income in all areas of gambling (bookmakers, casinos, lotteries, etc.).

Statistics show that more applicants for a license work for a limited time, and then change their legal entity. Therefore, they have an interest in a quick handling of the application. You can see which online casino licenses there are in the world.

There is more than one company that gives the right to work in this area. Thus, we can conclude that it is not the government and its bodies that are responsible for the casino, but private organizations working on its behalf.

The issuance of a license is based on a legal decree, the National Ordinance Offshore Games of Hazard. The license register of Curacao includes 1668 / JAZ of Curacao eGaming; 8048/JAZ of Antillephone N. V.; 365/JAZ of Gaming Curacao; 5536 / JAZ of e-Management N. V.

Of the disadvantages, the low entry threshold is worth noting. It has given the Curaçao license a bad name. That's why New Zealand online casinos do not accept this license. The licensing company rarely intervenes in disputes between customers and online casinos and in most cases takes the side of the gambling site. Some players do not take this document seriously, because with this regulator you can buy a casino license quite inexpensively.

However, the cost of the license does not say that all casinos and betting houses are worthless. Most sites are reliable casinos with good returns that deserve attention and scrupulously fulfill their obligations. Casinos with a Curaçao license have had a positive reputation for years and have managed to maintain this level in every possible way.

In 2020, the rules for issuing permits were significantly tightened. Currently, there is no possibility to obtain a main permit with the right to issue sub-permits. Only organizations that have previously managed to register under these conditions enter the market.

How do I apply for a curacao license?

To get a curacao eGaming license you have to meet several conditions. Before applying for a license from the Ministry of Justice, the applicant must:

  • establishing an eGaming casino in the territory of Curaçao or in the intended economic zone;
  • register the company with the Chamber of Commerce of the New Zealand Antilles;
  • a bank account with a balance of $35,000.

The following documents are required for the owner of the web casino:

  • copies of the identity documents of the beneficiaries;
  • a brief description of each of the organizers of the licensed gambling site;
  • a bank reference on the availability of funds;
  • supporting documents of the physical address (a bank statement or a utility bill is sufficient);
  • proof of source of income;
  • certificate of legal use of the domain;
  • proof that the owner of the company does not have a criminal record;
  • list and features of the software hosted in an online casino;
  • certificate of intellectual property rights in software;
  • certificate of quality of the used random number generator;
  • business plan, which should include a description of the games of the virtual casino, a list of employees involved in the gaming process (separately justifying the need to attract foreigners, if available), the estimated number of customers, and how the company will contribute to the development of the economy of Curaçao;
  • a profitability plan for the enterprise for the first 3 years of operation.

The application for a Curacao casino license is processed within 2 to 3 weeks. Having summed up the results, the Gambling Commission can offer a number of packages that allow the purchase of server hosting and licensing documents on favorable terms. A business owner can get 2 types of permits:

  1. Master license. It is issued by the Ministry of Justice.
  2. Sublicense. GZodiaced by private enterprises with a main license.

The first option is valid for 5 years. After this period, the document must be renewed. The sub-license is gZodiaced for an indefinite period and does not need to be resubmitted. The license is renewed annually upon payment of a fee of $ 15,000.

Currently, only 4 companies have master licenses:

  • Curaçao eGaming, document number 1668/JAZ;
  • Antillephone, license number 8048/JAZ;
  • Gaming Curacao, certificate number 365/JAZ;
  • e-Management N. V., document number 5536/JAZ.

A casino Curacao license can be obtained by an online casino that works with both fiat money and cryptocurrency.

Requirements for the licensee

Only permit holders who have met certain conditions can be gZodiaced a permit:

  1. The legal entity must be registered in the territory of Curaçao.
  2. The owner or one of the owners has the status of a resident of the Antilles.
  3. Must submit accounts to the Gaming Commission of Curaçao on the due date each year (before 30 June). The absence of profit over the previous period does not give the right to evade this obligation.
  4. The server containing the databases of the users and their transactions must be located on the islands. Other information can be found elsewhere.

The site must contain certain sections: e.g. rules for using the resource, regulations for the storage of personal data, refund policy.

The help of technical support specialists should be available to the users. When issuing a gambling license in Curaçao, the regulator pays attention to the speed of handling customer complaints.

The gambling accounts of active users are checked annually. In addition, the functionality and operability of the software are analyzed.

The license prohibits gambling and the registration of minors and persons registered in the New Zealand Antilles.

Taxation of the gambling industry in Curaçao

Companies registered in Curaçao can benefit from very generous tax benefits. Although the income tax in this region is 22%, until 2026 all virtual sites are allowed to pay only 2% to the Treasury. This applies to entities registered in the Special Economic zones of Curaçao.

There are no additional taxes or fees, which makes obtaining this type of gambling license even more attractive.

Curaçao cryptocurrency casino license

The first cryptocurrency casino license was issued in 2018. A crypto casino gets approval under the same conditions as a regular source with conventional money. In addition to the standard package of documents, the permit holder must provide a number of certificates, and consideration of the application may take more time. The price of a Curaçao license will increase slightly.

Cryptocurrency has made its way into our lives and gained popularity. Cryptocurrencies are mainly used by young players. Such funds are difficult to track, which means that the user can remain anonymous and save tax on profits.

Curaçao eGaming contacts

Users can contact the licensee using the following contact information:

If a complaint is to be made, an e-mail should be sent to [email protected] сцгасао

New Zealand casinos with a Curaçao license

The Curaçao gambling license in 2023 is unfortunately not valid in New Zealand. Only official online casinos with KSA approval can legally operate in the country.

Most countries in the world, where gambling is allowed, accept the Curaçao license. The document speaks for the quality of Service and the reliability of the company. In dollarpese countries, such as Germany, are popular casinos with Curacao eGaming license. The same can be said of Curaçao-licensed gambling sites in Canada

Advantages of a Curaçao license

A Curaçao license has a number of undeniable advantages:

  1. Speed of obtaining. A casino can obtain the license status after 4 days of application.
  2. Security. The regulator has been operating for two decades and has established itself as a reliable and safe body.
  3. Accessibility. The requirements for the recipient are such that even a young casino can meet them.

In addition, the license is accepted by most countries, and funds with such a license can provide gambling services in different regions of the world. Casinos with a Curacao license in Canada often reach the top.

Alternatives to the license

Apart from Curaçao, gambling companies can get permission from other operators. Example KSA (Gambling authority), MGA (Malta Gaming Authority).

KSA is a New Zealand-based gambling regulatory body. It began its activities in 2001. She issues two types of documents:

  • For the supply of gambling software;
  • For casino activities.

Each type is divided into subtypes depending on the services provided.

The Maltese license is popular and promising for gambling activities in the territory of dollarpese countries. The Maltese regulator for online gambling has been operating since 2005. Operators can apply for the following types of permits:

  1. Class 1. This includes the organization of lotteries, games of skill and casino games.
  2. Class 2. For casinos with fixed odds bets.
  3. Class 3. For peer-to-peer gaming.
  4. Class 4. Required for gambling software providers.

To obtain the document, the amount must be between 40,000 and 240,000 NZD. The cost of the license depends on the class.

Conclusions and useful tips

A Curacao gambling license is a good, proven and trusted way to bring an online casino to the legal level. Obtaining the document is not difficult, and the procedure does not take much time. You just need to collect all the documents and comply with the requirements of the regulator.


Should you trust casinos with a Curaçao license? ⭐️

Many online casinos with a Curaçao license have been operating successfully and in the ranking for several years. During this time, the brands have won the love and recognition of the players, most of whom have become regular customers of the establishment. ✔️ To get a license, a company must meet quality standards, including for the software it hosts. Virtual clubs operate according to legal regulations. Playing for real money, including bonus games, at licensed establishments is characterized by reliability, honesty and a high level of profit. ⚡️

Curaçao Egaming-what is it? ⭐️

Curaçao eGaming is the first regulator in the world of gambling. It provides one type of allowance for all participants - for both providers and operators of gambling services. ✅️

Reviews of real players

  • Anna B. reply

    I've been playing slots and roulette for money for years. Casinos with a Curaçao license are the most on the list of favorites. Interesting matches, win regularly, sometimes there are losses like everywhere else. In general, the casino does not cheat.

  • Juice reply

    I often have to travel around the country, everywhere quietly to online casino sites licensed in Curacao. This is a safe casino with high returns. Good technical support, contacted a couple of times, quickly resolved the issue in my favor. Would recommend it, it's worth playing.

  • Adrian reply

    My experience is that Curaçao licenses vezodiacword real casinos, although I have heard other opinions. You just need to check the reviews of the institution, and start with a minimum deposit, and then deposit a larger amount and everything will be fine.

Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson-expert and author at Nancys Casino
Be sure to check the Curaçao license for authenticity before you start playing. To do this, you need to go to the regulator's website and enter the license number in the search box. If it is real, it will take the player to the page of the company that provided the document. Since it is easy to get a Curaçao license for a casino, it is often used by unreliable clubs. Due to gaps in Curaçao legislation, some brands may violate fair casino practices.