Online casinos with an MGA license

The Maltese regulatory authority is considered one of the strictest organisations issuing licences to operators and service providers. It has been operating since 2001 and licenses land-based and virtual casinos in Malta.

However, once authorised, Online clubs can offer services across the EU. Of course, where gambling is legal. The enterprises that decided to enter the market will have to come up with an impressive package of documents.

Expert Nancys Alexei Ivanov figured out how to get a gambling license Malta, why it is more profitable than other permits. You will find out why virtual establishments with MGAs can be considered reliable.

Name of the organization

Malta Gaming Authority

Date of incorporation


General director

Carl Brincat



Licenses for online and offline casinos

Advantages of licensing online casinos in Malta

The Maltese regulator is recognized as one of the most reliable in the world. By obtaining a license, an online casino acquires the status of a legal virtual institution that can be trusted. The 2018 restructuring made it easier to obtain the document and improved the tax system. The regulator is loyal to both large enterprises and new operators who have not yet managed to grow to the size of enterprises.

Other advantages of a Maltese permit:

  • A relatively low license fee;
  • The possibility of issuing a preliminary permit before obtaining the main document;
  • The high standards used in combating money laundering and resolving disputes between casinos and players of the Malta Gaming Authority;
  • fast processing of documents by the Gaming Authority;
  • Malta is a member of the EU, which benefits the prestige of the regulator;
  • a clear licensing system.

The Gaming Commission monitors the activities of the organizations that purchased its license. Customers of such online clubs have the opportunity to contact the regulator if a dispute arises with the owner of the site. Malta's gambling license is associated with safety and security.

The regulator cooperates with commissions in other countries. The UK Gambling Commission, for example. This allows some Maltese licensed operators to advertise their services in the UK.

Types of licenses

The Malta Gambling Regulatory Commission issues licenses for B2B and B2C businesses. The latter is offered in 4 types, depending on the type of New Zealand gambling club Entertainment:

  1. Type 1: casino games where the user plays against the institution. These are basically all slots, poker, blackjack, baccarat and other machines with a random number generator.
  2. Type 2: sports betting and other events where the result is determined by the outcome of the match. Issued by bookmakers.
  3. Type 3: tournaments (including poker), bet bNZDzen. Issued to sites that promote remote gambling.
  4. Type 4: Software development. Issued to enterprises that produce software for online casinos.

Before 2018, operators submitted a separate application for each type. This process has now been abolished. A company can add a new type of game without having to submit a series of documents again.

The cost of obtaining a permit

The price of a New Zealand online casino authorisation depends on the type of authorisation. Type 1, 2 and 3 permits cost $ 25,000. A type 4 permit costs $ 10,000. In addition, MGA casino pays an administrative fee of $ 5,000 when applying for the document. The operator also pays a fee for compliance with the rules and requirements of the Gambling Commission. The calculation of the amount takes into account the net income and the type of web casino license.

The price of the Maltese gaming license is significantly higher than that of the Curacao Gaming. However, this is a plus for the players, since it is purchased by already experienced operators.

Additional licensing fees must be paid for a B2B-type document. The amount depends on the type of license and the annual income of the online casino:

  • less than $ 5 million - $ 25,000;
  • 5 to 10 million $ - 30,000 $;
  • More than 10 million dollars - 35,000 dollars.

For holders of a Malta type 4 gaming license, the amount is set at $ 10,000.

Requirements for obtaining a Maltese gaming license

The regulator is scrupulous in issuing licenses for online and offline gambling. She examines the companies that submit an application, and therefore enjoys the trust of many players.

The list of activities of the operator looks like this:

  1. Provides information on the financial and administrative condition of the company. The Commission at this stage must ensure that the casino has the means to pay out the winnings to the customers.
  2. Draws up a business plan, which sets out the strategy and preparations for the implementation of the plan. The Malta Gaming Authority is studying the document, paying particular attention to aspects such as staffing, forecasts and financial prospects.
  3. It provides documents to prove the financial stability of the company's partners and directors. These are not always required to apply for a Maltese gaming license. But the Gambling Commission sometimes asks for it. Verification of all documents takes 2-3 weeks.
  4. Registration of the legal entity and opening of a bank account. At the same stage, all technical documentation is provided. It provides details about the system structure, software, tools for secure transfer of information, backup methods.

After a successful inspection, the regulator issues a temporary Maltese casino license. The document is issued for six months, and then for another three months. During this period, the commission checks the enterprise. Particular attention is paid to checking the RTP of the slots. The probability of winning should not change. If no irregularities are found after the audit, the casino will receive a permanent gambling license in Malta for 5 years.

Contact Malta Gaming Authority

The Gaming Authority is open from Monday to Friday from 9: 00 to 17: 00. There are a number of ways to get in touch:

  • e-mail (general information) [email protected] ;
  • e-mail (for the media) [email protected] ;
  • contact phone number +356 2456 9000;
  • Malta Gaming Authority-building SCM 02-03, Level 4, SmartCity Malta, Ricasoli SCM 1001, Malta.

A complaints form is available on the website it is used by players who are dissatisfied with the action or inaction of a Maltese casino with a Maltese license. There is also a freely accessible register of companies whose license has been revoked. By the number of the document, you can also find out the status of the document: whether it is valid or not.

Conclusions and useful tips from the author

Casinos with a Maltese license are periodically monitored by the regulator, so there are no doubts about their honesty towards New Zealand players. The regulator checks slots on the fairness of the numbers they distribute. The licensees only offer certified software from leading vendors. Visitors can play safely on NZD without worrying about the safety of their data.

My recommendation:

  1. Check the authenticity of the Malta casino license. To do this, copy the document number, go to the regulator's website and paste the numbers into a special line.
  2. Make zodiac bets in dollars, do not play for the last money.
  3. Choose proven betting sites, study the conditions of clubs, bonus programs and user feedback.
  4. Take regular breaks, relax without gambling. If a casino with a Malta license in NL offers self-control tools, use them. Limit your deposit and loss amounts to avoid unexpected expenses.

Remember that a random number generator gives the result of a move. It is impossible to earn a steady income without losing by playing on slot machines, even in an online casino in Malta.


Is MGA's license reliable? ⭐️

Okay. Online casinos with a Maltese license can be trusted. The operator submits an impressive package of documents to obtain approval. ✅️ The regulator examines all the information received in detail. There are special requirements for the software and data security.

How do I apply for a permit? ⭐️

Applications can be submitted via the supervisor's website ᐈ the company provides information about the financial status of the company, its directors, staff, software and draws up a business plan.

How do I know if a casino is licensed in Malta? ⭐️

The regulator shall keep a register of the licences issued. It is easy to find out if a casino has a license. ✔️ You need to copy and paste the address of the casino website into a special form on as a result, the system will give you the license number, type of license and expiration date.

Reviews of real players

  • Giros666 reply

    It is difficult to find a fair casino in New Zealand. If I'm looking for one, I'm looking for a license. A document from the MGA is immediately credible.

  • Twerk-on-Work reply

    The Maltese regulator is slow to respond, but does respond to complaints, unlike other, less reputable gambling commissions. That's why I choose websites with an MGA license.

  • ImmortalGamer reply

    Thank you for the selection of New Zealand casinos with a good license. I chose a site with a good selection of games and bonus system.

  • Kraken678 reply

    The MGA used to work less diligently. But after 2015, the commission has developed standards that are attractive to casino customers. Still, it is much more pleasant to play when I know that my data is protected.

Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson-expert and author at Nancys Casino
The player can check the casino to play the dollar for him or the information listed on the site of the club is unreliable. This makes it possible to distinguish a fraudulent web source from a reliable web institution. You can buy a Maltese gaming license for 5 years. If a virtual institution violates the conditions and rules of the regulator, the license will be prematurely withdrawn. Therefore, before registering with an online club, I advise you to check the status of its license. Usually there is a link to it in the footer of the site.